W2RME Repeaters

The CVARA holds the club callsign of W2RME and maintains 2 repeaters and a digipeater located in Guilford, NY just South East of the City of Norwich, NY.

  • VHF / 2 meter 146.685 MHz
    • -600 Hz offset (-0.600 MHz)
    • PL Tone 110.9
  • UHF / 70 cm 442.650 MHz
    • + 5.0 MHz offset
    • PL Tone 110.9
  • APRS Digipeater 144.390 MHz
    • Simplex
    • No PL
  • To report an issue with the repeaters:
    • Issue Report
    • If severe contact the trustees at W2RME at cvara.net immediately and/or call them.
  • Things to do when interference problems arise:
    • If severe contact a trustee asap.
    • Listen on the repeater input frequency.
      • 146.085 or 447.650
      • See if you can hear station.
    • Record the transmissions if possible.
    • Off air contact another station and ask them to listen to the input.
    • If you have a beam or other method try to triangulate/ pinpoint the stations location.


Repeater and Callsign Trustees

  • Matt Jenne KD2HKB – Co-Trustee/ Listed with FCC
  • John Rudolph N2YP – Co-Trustee
  • Contact information

Fundraising for a new tower

As many may know, our tower has suffered some damage and been deemed unsafe to climb. We are currently well on our way towards raising the needed funds to purchase and properly install a new tower. We are looking into any grant opportunities as well as “donation matching” programs we can find.

If you would like to help, you may utilize the donation button below.