2023-12 Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 1902 by President Tom Monday (KC2SFU) held at the Grange Hall in Norwich


Motion to accept minutes as printed in the Bugle by John Rudolph (N2YP) 2nd by Jon Englert (W2BDN); Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report: 

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented by John Rudolph (N2YP) 2nd by Mike Barnard (KD2CDU); Motion passed

Committee Reports:


ARES/RACES: Tom Monday (KC2SFU) & Matt Jenne (WZ2I) reported about the SET. All went well & county emergency managers were pleased with our capabilities. It was announced that on 12/14 at 7pm will be a SKYWARN training at the Grange Hall. All, including the public, are welcome to attend.

Tech Night: All projects welcome! Public welcome… Bring a project along!

Bugle: Keep the good material & pictures coming!!!!


Building & Grounds: 

Membership: A membership drive mailing is in the works.

VE Team: 

Grants & Fundraising Committee: 

Old Business: Tom Mathewson (AD2TM) reported that he has entered over 200 of the tickets into the database. He offered to process more from KC2SFU & N2YP.

Tower Project: Tom Monday (KC2SFU) proposed to write up a Request For Proposal “RFP” to send out to as many tower installers as we can find, including Upstate Tower, Midstate Communications & others.

New Business: A motion was made by Tom Mathewson (AD2TM) to approve up to $450 for the purchase of a Grand Prize for the 2024 Bullthistle Hamfest. Motion seconded by John Rudolph (N2YP). Motion Passed

Field Day: A motion was made by John Rudolph (N2YP) and seconded by Mike Barnard (KD2CDU) to attempt to reserve the General Clinton Park for Field Day 2024. Motion Passed

Sale of Surplus Equipment: The following items were presented to sell:
Radio Shack HTX242 (Bad mic cable) Min $40 Ask $60
Radio Shack HTX100 (10M not working) Min $20 Ask $30
Pelican Case 30x21x18 Min $120 Ask $150
IBM Terminal 12″ Min $5 Ask $10
Box of 6 MFJ 1200 TNC2s Min $15 Ask $20
GE Repeater Min $120 Ask $200
Generator Min $120 Ask $150
Motion to approve list for sale made by John Rudolph (N2YP) and seconded by Tom Mathewson (N2YP). Motion Passed.

For the Good of the Membership:

NWS SKYWARN: December 14 7pm at the Chenango County Grange Hall

Holiday Party: December 10 at the Wild Owl Cafe in Norwich. 2pm

Closing: Motion made at 20:13 by Tom Mathewson (AD2TM).