Meeting Tonight,7pm

The CVARA invites you to join us for an online meeting on Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 7pm. This online meeting will be our regular business meeting for May.
To join the meeting go to
If the meeting hasn’t started yet, it will put you on hold. If you would like to be able to participate in the meeting, you’ll need at least a microphone attached to your computer. If you have a web cam, you can use that too. The system will ask permission to use them. If you would like to use your smartphone… there is an app in your device’s app store. If you go to the link above using a mobile phone, it should suggest the app, if not, just search for Jitsi in the app store.
Once in the meeting, please set your name & Callsign (if licensed) in the More Actions > Settings > Profile menu. This will help us identify you as an attendee.

General upgrade class

This class was held in 2019 with much success. If you are interested in a licensing class please contact and officer or the club in general. 

Early March Meeting start

The March Meeting will start at 6:45 PM. This is so we can get the preliminaries out of the way before the presentation from
Bioenno Battery., which will last for 40 ~ 45 mins.

Wanted: Android Phones/Tablets

Wanted: Android Phones & Tablets
Wanted: Android Phones & Tablets
Wanted: Android Phones & Tablets

We are collecting used Android phones or tablets for use with various amateur radio projects. Do you have an Android phone/tablet that works, but you no longer use? We are interested! Even if it has a cracked screen… we may still be able to make use of it.

If you have an Android based phone or tablet, please send us an email at to get more info or schedule a meetup with a member or you can drop by one of our Tech Nights!

**Devices will be wiped of personal data and reset to defaults. We are only looking to use them with Android applications and wifi. No cell service is required.

Fun Fun!

My first kit in a very long time. You have to start somewhere! Thanks W2BDN!