CVARA Classes

2019 Spring General Licensing Class

Your Technician privileges can be a lot of fun! From talking locally with fellow Hams, working with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) or the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), competing for 2 meter side-band contacts during competitions, talking to the Space Station, and more, it offers a lot.

As fun as it is, Amateur Radio offers so much more! With a little work you can not only upgrade your license privileges, you can expand your knowledge and have a lot of fun! As a General license holder you gain operating privileges on portions of ALL Amateur Radio bands! Want to talk around the world? Looking to expand your ARES and RACES capabilities so that you can participate in large scale disasters, emergencies, and community events? Want to help at Volunteer Examiner (VE) exam sessions? We are here to help!

Sign up now for our FREE General Licensing Class and stay to take your exam immediately upon finishing the last class (keep in mind you still have to pay the $15 ARRL fee when you take your license upgrade exam).

Class Dates:

Class 1: Saturday April 27 – 9am-12pm

Class 2: Saturday May 4 – 9am-12pm

Class 3: Saturday May 11 – 9am-11am

Study Session: May 11 – 11am-12pm

VE Exam Session: May 11 – 12:30pm

The VE exam Session is open to everyone. You DO NOT need to attend our class to attend our exam session. We can also offer the Extra license exam.

Class Location:

The Norwich City Police Station

Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Second Floor

18 East Main Street, Norwich NY 13815

Free parking in rear

Class Signup & Contact

For questions or to signup for our class please contact one of the following:

Ray Darling, K2DAR:


(607) 244-4425

Tom Monday, KC2SFU


Materials to Bring & Notes:

If possible please bring the following:


You will find it helpful to purchase and bring a General Licence manual with you. There are two widely used ones and they are listed below. Having a manual is not a requirement to attend our class as we will be passing out handouts and diagrams to help you, however, a manual will make studying easier and greatly increase your comprehension.

ARRL General Licensing Manual (Click for link to ARRL website)
[This is the manual we will use in the class so it’s the best one to have]


KB6NU’s General Class Study Guide (Click for link to KB6NU’s website)
[Cheaper than the ARRL version and can be bought as a download to use on a computer or iPad]


1.) A notebook

2.) Pens and pencils (pencils are required to take the exam)

4.) Calculator for the exam (Cell Phones are not permitted)


Food and drinks ARE permitted in the classroom.