Online Chenango County  ARES  Form

Chenango County (NY) ARES/RACES is a voluntary organization of licensed amateur radio operators who provide emergency communications as a public service to the community. The purpose of CARES/CRACES is to furnish communications in the event of natural or other disaster when regular communications fail or are inadequate. Sponsored by ARRL, the ARES functions at the local level to meet local communications requirements. You do not need to be a member of either the CVARA or the ARRL to be a member of CARES, (Chenango ARES).

The ARES in each locality operates under the direction of the Emergency Coordinator (EC) whose function is to direct the activities of the ARES to maintain a state of readiness. Local SKYWARN Alerts also function under CARES. Experience has proven that radio amateurs respond more capably in times of emergency when practice has been conducted in an organized group. There is no substitute for experience gained before the need arises.

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